Chic & Protective: 5 Must-Try Hairstyles for Thinning Edges

Thinning edges can be a challenging issue that many women deal with. The desire to be stylish yet not further damage fragile hair can often be a difficult balance to maintain. Let's make note though, beauty doesn't have to be sacrificed.

By switching your hair game up with smart and chic hairstyles, you'll effortlessly keep everyone's eyes on you, while allowing those baby hairs to breathe and grow. Here are 5 unique hairstyles that marry practicality, protection, and style!

The Clever Crown Braid

The crown braid is an underappreciated hairstyle that can work wonders on thinning edges. Some of its features include:

  • A unique yet practical design
  • Reduces the amount of friction experienced by your edges
  • Allows you time to treat your edges with hair growth serums without giving up on style.

The High Bun with a Twist

Don't discount the classic high bun, especially with a new upgrade! It is the phoenix of hairstyles, constantly reinventing itself for a unique look. Here's why it's great for thinning edges:

  • Helps protect the delicate hairline from exposure and friction
  • Can be magnified with accessories for a chic look
  • Free up your hairline to apply growth serums or oils.

The Doek: The Trendy Head Wrap

Originating from Africa, the Doek is a head wrap that protects your hair while giving you the ultimate badass look. It:

  • Provides a cute, fashionable look
  • Shields your edges from extreme weather which can trigger hair breakage
  • Allows your hair to rest and grow undisturbed.

The Low Manipulation Pony

Low manipulation is one key to retain your hairline. It involves minimizing how much you handle and style your hair. Try a hip, well-placed ponytail with a light touch, it:

  • Keeps tension away from your edges
  • Allows you to style with amazing hair accessories.

The Scarf Up-do: The Two-in-One

A scarf up-do combines the protection of a head-wrap and the chic pulls of a normal up-do. It:

  • Protects your entire hairline and keeps it moisturized
  • Offers an endless variety of design and choices of scarf to fit your outfit and mood.
Remember, while experimenting with these hairstyles, make sure to maintain regular hair care remedies. A balanced diet with enough protein and iron also play a crucial role in maintaining your hair health. Love your edges and they will love you back!