Vitamin Supplements for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

Vitamin Supplements for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

For anyone suffering from hair loss, it can feel like an uphill battle to regrow thinning hair. Many products make bold claims about their abilities to restore hair fullness, and now there is a massive market for hair growth vitamins and supplements to restore hair from the inside out. But do vitamin supplements really work for hair growth? Here are 4 essential vitamins and minerals that can restore thinning hair back to health.

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Vitamin D
Studies have shown most people who suffer from hair thinning and loss have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Specifically for women, signs of a deficiency in Vitamin D in hair follicles are loss of volume and fullness, and hair that is brittle and fragile to everyday styling. Especially in times of poor weather and requirements to stay indoors, it may be difficult to get enough sun exposure for the body to create its own Vitamin D, so many clinical studies recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement to help restore thinning hair and prevent future hair loss.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant. Women who suffer from hair loss from conditions like Alopecia tend to show signs of oxidative stress, which is the breakdown of healthy cells from free-radicals in the environment, food, and chemical products we use each day. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin E help protect the cells from oxidative stresses and prevent damage to hair, skin, nails, and the body in general! Taking Vitamin E supplements each day works like a shield for weakening keratin cells and boosts the body’s ability to grow healthy hair and strengthen hair follicles to prevent hair loss.

Zinc, a mineral found in shellfish, fish, and meat, is a trace element which means the body does not create it by itself. Zinc deficiency is incredibly common among those suffering from hair thinning and loss. In fact, nearly all hair loss patients studied are deficient in this essential mineral! Alopecia is a well-known sign of Zinc deficiency. Diet and lifestyle habits like eating a high grain diet, not eating meat, and consuming alcohol are known to zap Zinc from the body. Taking Zinc supplements for hair growth is an effective way to make up for what you may not get from diet alone to keep hair healthy and strong.

Anemia is most common among women, and that lack is a major culprit of hair thinning and loss. Iron deficiency is the most prevalent mineral deficiency in the world, and specifically in pre-menopausal women, this can cause thin, weak, and fragile strands. Supplementing iron in your diet increases the body’s ability to prevent premature hair loss by strengthening weakened hair follicles and giving them the nutrients they need to grow hair longer and stronger.

While most of our essential vitamins and minerals come from our diets, getting the necessary amounts can be difficult day to day. Taking vitamin supplements can help prevent and reverse hair loss caused by these deficiencies and restore hair back to health and strength.

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