Easy Hair Styles For The Gym

Easy Hair Styles For The Gym

Hair has always appeared to be more of an afterthought, with little attention given to it during Gym sessions. There are creative workout hairstyles to help you keep your exercise flow going uninterrupted. Not only will they survive your favorite workout and keep your hair in place while you work out, but they will also look good enough to stay in place after you leave the Gym.

Below are cute and easy hairstyles to help you look great and feel better on your next workout at the Gym:

•   Low ponytail
A low ponytail is a perfect hairstyle when you need to let your hair down or loose right after a gym session, and it remains intact. Make sure all loose strands are pulled off your face to avoid post-workout frizz, and then secure the ponytail right at the back of your neck.

If you are doing a low-impact exercise, like yoga or pilates, you can skip the Advil-inducing high ponytails and opt for a low braid.

•   Tied Back With a Headband
This is one of the most low-lift hairstyles. It involves tying your hair back into a bun and securing it with a thin headband. The style will ensure you complete your workout session without thinking much about your hair.

•   Topknot
Curly-haired ladies can show off their enviable hair texture with a simple top knot that sets them up for running, spinning, and other related activities at the Gym. This hairstyle will keep your hair off your face and neck so that you can concentrate more on your workout. To hold it in place, pull the top half of the hair back and pin it at the crown of your head, then pin the rest of the hair into a high bun. Use bobby pins to secure loose hair underneath to let your neck breathe better. You may use some leave-in conditioner to minimize sweat-induced frizz.

•   Half-Up Topknot
This style will keep your hair off your face during workout sessions at the Gym. To do this, you are required to make a side part in your hair and tie the top half into a topknot. This workout hairstyle is perfect for ladies with short hair.
  Easy Hair Styles For The Gym
•   Braided Bun
The braids on each side will keep your hair in place as you work out and look great after a sweat session. Divide your hair into two sections and do a braid on both sides towards the nape of the neck. Join the two sections with a hair tie and pin your hair into a bun to keep it away from your neck, which will soon be sweaty. A braided bun is not only a pleasant surprise detail but also a practical idea. It helps keep short or layered hair away from your sweaty face so you can get up in peace.

•   Stay-Put Ponytail
This hairstyle helps to keep those pesky baby hairs out of your eyes. Take the top part of your hair, braid it towards the back, and style into a ponytail. To look even neater, you may wrap a section of hair around the hair tie to cover it up.

•   High ponytail with a headband
There is a reason this workout hairstyle is so popular. It keeps your hair off your face no matter how much you sweat and looks elegant and chic when you move to and from your workout.

•   Twisted side braid
For a lovely workout hairstyle that looks effortless but also stays intact, try this twisted low braid on one side.

•   Braided Pigtails
This style allows you to stop two braids at the nape of the neck and leave out some of your second-day blowout waves.

•   Tied Pony
Ladies with long hair love this style. You can wrap the length of your pony in hair ties to look good and prevent lashes from sticking to your neck/back sweat during Gym sessions.

•   Stacked Buns
If you prefer to have no hair hanging down loosely during the workout at a Gym, you may opt for two mini buns on top of each other to take off all the strands from your face.
  Easy Hair Styles For The Gym

Easy Hair Styles For The Gym

•   The Rope Braid Hairstyle
You can create this style by pulling your hair into a sleek ponytail and securing the ends with an elastic band. Take the ends of your hair, divide them into two sections, and twist these sections around each other until you have no loose hair and secure with another elastic band.