How Long Do It Take To Grow Dreads

If you’ve ever admired the look of dreads and considered going on a hair journey of your own, you've probably wondered, "how long does it take to grow dreads?" Gladly, you've come to the right place.

women sitting down thinking about healthy hair

What is the Dreadlock Journey

From a general standpoint, it takes between 18 and 24 months to grow mature dreadlocks. However, there are some factors which could alter the timeline:

Hair type: Straight hair often takes longer, while curly or kinky hair locs quicker.
Care practices: Regular washing and retightening can expedite the process.
Your patience: Dreads don't form overnight, personal patience plays a huge role.

You're right! It's not a linear journey but rewarding nonetheless!


image of hair follicles

Diving Deeper into Hair Growth Considerations

Let's break down the timeline further to understand how dreadlocks develop.

The budding stage (0-3 months): Hair starts to form lumpy, irregular sections.
The teenage stage (3-12 months): Dreads begin to firm up but still require much care.
The mature stage (1-2 years): Your dreadlocks have now formed distinctly!

See? You're steps closer to your dreadlocks dream!

Women with healthy dreadlocs

How to Grow Healthy Dreads

Growing dreads doesn't end at patience and waiting. Here are some tips to help along your journey:

Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water benefits both your body and hair growth.
Diet: Foods rich in protein promote hair growth.
Regular care: Sun, salt and rinse them consistently.
Use the right products: Ensure your products are residue-free and made specifically for dreads.

Remember, each person’s dreadlocks journey is unique. So is yours!

So, the question, "how long do it take to grow dreads?" depends truly on you, your hair and your commitment. Stay patient, be consistent and soon enough, you'll proudly wear those mature dreadlocks!