How to Make Time for Self Care

Self-care is a necessity for a healthy life, according to experts, but how do people find time for themselves, especially when they're extremely busy?

Self-care, commonly known as "me" time, is something most individuals know they should do. Though, when it comes to getting around to it, some people are more successful than others.

It may seem challenging for those with a hectic schedule to find extra time to squeeze in self-care activities like yoga, going to the gym, taking a walk, writing in a diary, or getting adequate sleep. But here's the thing: Self-care becomes increasingly necessary as a person's schedule becomes more hectic.As much as self-care is vital for physical and mental well-being, it is the first thing that is dropped when people find themselves struggling for time. Without proper self-care, they are less likely to be the best version of themselves, and their relationships, work, and overall experience of the world may suffer as a result.


1. First Start With Your Needs
Self-care is commonly associated with pampering oneself, but it is actually about addressing human needs. This could be a need for leisure, tranquillity, connection, or stability, among other things. Before doing anything self-care-related, ask yourself, "What needs do I want to meet here?" What do I really need right now?

You can pinpoint exactly what they need right now and go straight to satisfying those needs, rather than indulging in random luxury or pampering activities in the hopes of feeling 'better.'

2. Schedule It
One of the most common reasons people who struggle to engage in self-care regularly give is "I don't have enough time." The only antidote to this belief is to make out time. Perhaps it is easier said than done, but one certain way to create time for self-care is to schedule it.

You can do so by identifying a time slot in your schedule throughout the coming week and book a "self-care time" appointment. It is advisable to stick to the schedule as much as possible.

Be realistic in the scheduling, even if it's for 10 or 20 minutes. The self-care could simply involve closing the eyes and breathing deeply for a few minutes to relax. All that matters is making out time for self-care.

Don't ignore and replace the self-care time slot for something else.

3. Prioritize
Many people believe they don't have time to achieve something significant because they aren't making time or their priorities aren't aligned with what they need.

Although it may appear that we are obligated to accomplish some things, everyone has complete flexibility and control over how they spend their time.

Self-care can be included in your schedule by prioritizing it, regardless of how busy you are. You can incorporate self-care into your weekly routine if you prioritize it, whether that means making it the first thing you do each morning, foregoing TV or social media time for a while, or saying "no" to certain commitments.

4. Be Assertive About Setting Boundaries
People may encounter resistance from those around them when they begin to take time for themselves and say "no" to commitments and requests. This can be emotionally draining, especially if those people aren't used to saying "no" or prioritizing their own desires over those of others. These people must be assertive about their needs and boundaries when confronted with this kind of opposition.

Keep in mind that even if you can take a half-hour break, the world will still be there when you return. And when you do come back, you'll be in a lot better, healthier condition to deal with the world.

5. Take a Vacation
Many people assume they don't have enough time to take a vacation, and they may be partially correct. However, there is a saying that people sacrifice their health to gain wealth, then spend their wealth to regain their health.

It won't be worth it to be so stressed out that you become ill. Going on a trip or doing anything extravagant is unnecessary; simply taking a day or two off without taking any calls or reading emails will suffice.

You are free to do whatever you choose with that time. You can spend time with friends and finish that movie or book you haven't had time to complete. It is entirely up to you as long as you are able to destress from the demands of daily life.

6. Spend Time Catering to Yourself
One thing people should do is set aside time each day to do something nice for themselves. They can make it as grand or as simple as they like.

They are showing themselves that they are worth it and that they, too, deserve some "me" time by taking the time to treat themselves to something wonderful.

7. Have a To-Do-List
If you always feel that there's something more you could be doing, you'll need to make time for self-care. Setting priorities is easier with a to-do list. A daily to-do list can be made, and self-care should be included, even if it is only for 10 minutes.Self-care can not only re-energize people, but it can also urge them to avoid wasting time on unfulfilling activities.

Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. It's neither selfish nor indulgent. Self-care is essential for both physical and emotional well-being. So do all that is possible to set out time for yourselves.