How to Rise Above Hereditary Hairline Thinning

Thinning hairline can be a cause of concern for many, especially if you have the hereditary aspect of it in their family. However, rising above hereditary hairline thinning is possible. With the right knowledge, strategy, and lifestyle changes, one can slow down thinning or even regrow hair.

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Gain an Understanding to Hereditary Thinning:

Hereditary thinning or balding is also known as androgenetic alopecia. It is the most common cause of hair loss and can affect both women and men. However, men are more commonly affected. In women, the first sign might be a widening part or a feeling that the hair doesn't feel as thick as usual.

Genetics: The primary cause of hairline thinning is genetics.
Aging: With age, the rate at which the hair grows tends to slow down.

Tips to Overcome Genetic Hairline Thinning:

Nutritious Diet: Consuming a diet rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, iron, selenium, and zinc can contribute towards healthier hair. For example:

  • Carrots and sweet potatoes (Vitamin A)
  • Leafy greens like spinach (Iron, Vitamin C)
  • Eggs and poultry (Vitamin B, Selenium, Zinc)
  • Citrus fruits (Vitamin C)
  • Almonds and sunflower seeds (Vitamin E)
  • Oysters and beef (Zinc)
  • Brazil nuts (Selenium)

Hydration: Drinking plenty of water can help in maintaining the health and strength of hair.

  • About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men
  • About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women

Regular Exercise: Regular exercise boosts blood circulation, supporting hair growth.

  • Try to move around or exercise for 2 hours every week at a comfortable pace, or go for more intense activities for 1.5 hours weekly. Also, do exercises that make your muscles stronger twice a week.

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Prevention and Remedies:

Prevent and manage your thinning with a well-thought-out care routine.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools: Overuse of heat styling tools can damage hair, contributing to hair thinning.
Use Gentle Hair Products: Opt for organic, natural, or plant-based hair products. They are gentle on the hair and can potentially minimize hair shedding.
Regular Scalp Massage: Massage can promote blood circulation, stimulating hair follicles for healthier growth. 

Hair Thinning Treatments:

In case simple lifestyle changes don’t suffice, below are medical treatments that can be explored.

Minoxidil (Rogaine): An over-the-counter hair regrowth treatment that is applied on the scalp.
Finasteride (Propecia): It works by blocking the production of the male hormone responsible for hair loss.
Hair transplantation: A surgical option wherein hair follicles are moved to thinning or balding areas

Lastly, our naturally-made, natural ingredient formula to enhance, revive, or regrow your hairline. Most women see results in 12 days but we suggest 2 weeks for your little hairs to start growing. Check the Follicle Enhancer here.

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Don't Let Hereditary Thinning Stop You

Hair thinning, even if hereditary, is not a hopeless case. With knowledge and a proactive approach, you can stem the tide and keep your mane looking thick and healthy! Stay focused on positive hair routines and stay consistent. 

We'd love to hear about your experience so far with all this. We're interested in hearing about how the journey has been, what products have you used, did it work, if so why not and what are you doing now. Reach out to and talk to us!