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Jojoba Oil Benefits for Hair

Jojoba oil

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is the oil pressed from the fruits and leaves of the Jojoba plant (pronounced ho-ho-bah). Native to the American Southwest, the jojoba plant was traditionally used as a natural medicine by the O’odham Native American tribe as a salve for wounds and skin irritations.

What does Jojoba Oil Do?  
What does Jojoba Oil Do?

One of the most beneficial traits of Jojoba oil is that its molecular structure is nearly identical to sebum, the natural oil secreted by our skin. It helps to protect, lubricate, and hold moisture in the skin, preventing the over-production of your skin’s own sebum. Because its structure is so similar to sebum, jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t clog your pores. This helps protect your skin from sebaceous acne breakouts. Plus, it contains vital vitamins and minerals to support the health of the skin and hair like silica, vitamin E, and zinc. These antioxidants help boost your skin’s ability to heal itself, promoting the production of collagen and aiding in soothing inflammation.

Major Benefits of Jojoba Oil:

•   Moisturizing and soothing for the skin and hair
•   Traditionally used for healing most skin conditions, wounds, and sores, including scalp conditions like dryness and dandruff
•   Naturally derived from an American Native Plant
•   Boosts production of collagen in the skin
•   Nourishes skin and scalp with vitamin E, zinc, silica, and other antioxidants
•   Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (prevents infections on the skin where applied)
•   Prevents over-production of sebum (oily skin) and sebaceous acne breakouts
•   Hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause allergic reactions)


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Bottom Line:

Jojoba oil boosts the health of the skin and scalp and helps maintain moisture and vital nutrients for the hair. While jojoba oil does not have hair growth stimulating qualities, using this healing oil on the scalp helps to nourish hair follicles, and provide a healthy environment for hair growth.