Why Do Edges Thin as You Age? 5 Facts That Will Change Your Hair Care Routine!


Many individuals, particularly women, are concerned about their hair thinning as they age. It's a topic that often triggers worries about beauty and self-confidence. But, why do edges thin as you age? Let's get into the thick of it.

Fact #1: Aging Leads to Hair Cuticle Changes

As we age, significant changes occur in our hair. Hair cuticles, the outermost layer of your hair shaft, tend to get weaker. The cuticle's protective barrier wears down, leading to hair breakage, which is a common cause of thinning edges. Thus, incorporating strengthening hair care products into your routine becomes essential as you age.

Fact 2#: Hormonal Shifts Play a Role

Hormonal shifts are a natural part of aging which directly impact the health of your hair. Hormones such as estrogen promote hair growth, but as we age, estrogen levels can drop, making way for hair thinning.

Fact #3: Lesser Melanin Production

Hair color depends on the pigment cell in your follicles producing melanin. When we age, the melanin production decreases, leading to gray hair and, often, thinning edges.

Fact #4: Stress and Hair Loss

Stress is another factor contributing to thinning edges. High stress levels, often linked to aging, can wreak havoc on your hair health, resulting in hair loss. This occurs through two mechanisms - inflammation of your hair follicles and halting the growth cycle of your hair prematurely.

Fact #5: Make Aging a Graceful Process

Aging is a beautiful, natural process that everyone experiences. Thinning edges are a part of this journey, serving as reminders of our bodies' ebbs and flows. However, it's not something you need to dread. With a few modifications to your hair care routine, you can age gracefully while keeping your hair healthy and full.

Remeber, aging is natural process that's meant for all of us. Check out the ingredients of our Follicle Enhancer, it's as natural as it gets!