Worst Foods For Your Skin

It gets harder with age to keep the skin agile. Allowing what you eat to make this task harder isn't a wise decision. Below are some foods that can worsen your skin condition:

1. Soda
In addition to disrupting collagen (tissue for skin firmness) production in the body, soda and other high-sugar drinks can also lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. They can be replaced with water which is free of calories.

2. Fried Foods
Fried meals are considered as a major cause of skin problems. Overeating fried meals, with high fat content can have a negative internal effect on blood circulation. This can cause swelling of the skin, which no one will appreciate when looking in the mirror.

3. Alcohol
The diuretic effect of alcohol can cause defects on the skin as it absorbs moisture and contributes to a sunken, faded appearance. Alcohol should be moderately consumed when taking your skin into consideration. Remember that the effects of alcohol can be avoided by taking a little extra water after alcohol consumption.

4. White Rice
Some research shows that foods with a high glycemic index (GI) are bad news for your skin. Eating foods with a high GI, such as white rice, causes a dramatic increase in blood sugar and insulin levels, which is associated with acne.

5. Candy Treats
It's no secret that candy isn't good when watching your weight and waistline, but all the processed sugars can also damage your skin and cause inflammation on its surface.

6. Coffee
Coffee opens the door to many potential skin problems. Caffeine can cause harm to the skin and encourage the appearance of skin lines and wrinkles. Drinking coffee with cream and sugar in extra proportions isn't a good choice. Also, taking a lot of caffeine affects your sleep patterns, and when that happens, the skin is also affected. While coffee does contain antioxidants, excess amounts threaten the benefits.

7. Popcorn
Popcorn, especially cinema popcorn, contain some quantity of butter and greese. These dairy products have will increase skin oil production and lead to blocked pores, which can cause breakouts. You may have to choose something else to munch while going to see a movie.

8. Processed Meat
Eating large amounts of processed meat, which is high in sodium and fat, will not benefit your skin. Find brands that employ fewer preservatives, take them in moderation, and drink more water if you eat them.

9. White Bread
Like white rice, white bread is another food that ranks high on the glycemic index. Although not entirely unhealthy, you can enjoy it along with a high protein meal such as beans, or peanut butter to slow down its digestion.

10. Spicy Foods
Often considered a hidden source of added sugar and sodium, large amounts of spicey foods such as soy sauce, ketchup, and grilled sauce can cause a lot of discomfort to the skin. Ensure moderation when using them in meals.

11. Sweet Teas
Although tea contains many elements of superfoods, sugary tea drinks may contain more than ten teaspoons of added sugar per meal, which is considered unhealthy for the body. Many inflammatory foods with high sugar contents can interfere with the production of collagen, as explained above. Choose foods that support collagen, such as vegetables and strawberries.

12. Mayonnaise
Foods rich in omega-6 oils (such as soy, corn, and saffron) found in mayonnaise and some salad dressings can promote inflammation, making the skin less stellar. Many of these vegetable oils benefit you moderately. For best results, eat omega-6 fats in combination with omega-3 fatty acids to fight inflammation from foods such as salmon and tuna.

13. Energy Drinks
Energy drinks contain two harmful substances - caffeine and sugar. Therefore, they should be viewed as emergency drinks rather than everyday drinks. Energy drinks promise energy, but in reality, it also supplies your body more than needed sugar and caffeine along with the required stimulants.

14. Salty Snacks
French fries and sauces high in sodium can quickly increase salt intake during the day. This type of salt intake causes water retention throughout the body, including the skin.

15. Foods Produced Using Pesticides
Foods that contain high levels of pesticides have been linked to skin cancer and advanced signs of aging. Therefore, avoiding foods that are likely to contain pesticides is key. These include apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, spinach, peaches, and nectarines. However, it is not necessary to exclude healthy fruits and vegetables from your diet. You can opt only for organic products.