Your Guide to Full Moon Self-Care

Call me corny, but there is something so special about the Full Moon. Even in the city, where it’s nearly impossible to see the stars even in the middle of the night, being able to look up and see the moon is such a powerful reminder to unplug, take a deep breath, and re-center.

Throughout history, cultures around the world have developed rituals and beliefs around the Full Moon. Today, some use the Full Moon to manifest their desires, or some simply hang-out under the moonlight by a campfire or for a late night kick-back. But for me, the Full Moon is the perfect time to get grounded and boost my energy for the month ahead.

The Full Moon on Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 is rising in the sign of Pisces. For those who geek out on astrology, that means that this can be a time of sensitivity and heightened perception, but it’s also a great time to emotionally prepare for the weeks to come.

Our emotional health is especially important these days. Stress and anxiety about what the future holds is at an all time high. But what we can do, no matter what, is to use our imagination wisely. It can be easy to imagine what can go wrong, but how often do we focus our imagination on what could go right?

Here’s what my Full Moon Self-Care Ritual looks like this Month:

- Before bed, I take a nice relaxing bath or shower (a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil in a steaming shower is a super simple way to feel like I’m at a spa). I make sure to moisturize, condition my hair, and I always save a few minutes for a soothing scalp massage with my Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer (did I mention I love peppermint oil? That tingle though...)

- I tidy up my room and create a little serene space for myself on my bed, in a cozy chair, or on a cushion on the floor. A few candles or some incense adds to the ambiance.

- In my notebook, I write down a list of five things I’m grateful for in my life today. This is a great reminder that even in stressful times, I have some blessings coming my way!

- Next, I make a list of opportunities or celebrations I hope to look forward to. Using my imagination, I visualize and list things like a promotion, the ideal partner, the dream home, the perfect vacation— and I let the feelings that those things would bring charge me up for a few moments. Visualization of positive outcomes is a healthy and positive use of the imagination, especially in times of imbalance or insecurity.

- Lastly, I take about 5 minutes to simply sit in silence and breathe. Thoughts come and that’s natural (I don’t know about you but “clearing my mind” is not something I’m good at), but I don’t linger on them. I simply focus my attention on breathing and allow myself to relax.

Your Guide to Full Moon Self-Care

And that’s it!

The Full Moon is a perfect time to set aside a few minutes to yourself. But, these are things that can be done at any time you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or need a break from the constant demands of everyday life.

Do you have any Full Moon rituals or special self-care practices? I’d love to hear yours! Send us your favorite ways to practice self-care and check to see if we give you a shout-out on our upcoming Edge Naturale Newsletter!

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